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Waterproofing Balcony

Need Waterproofing for Your Balcony? 

Are the wall and floor joints on your balcony starting to crack? Does the ground pool with water after a downpour? 

Your balcony could be at risk of failing and causing a serious accident… or leaving you with a hefty repair bill.
Independent Waterproofing specialise in balcony waterproofing for commercial and residential buildings. We provide a range of waterproofing solutions to protect your balcony from water damage, preserve the value of your property, and keep your occupants safe from balcony failure. 

  • Compliant with Australian Material Standards AS4654.1-2012 and Design Installation Standards AS 4654.2-2012
  • Seamless waterproofing solutions for any balcony
  • Quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Neat and tidy technicians – no mess left behind
  • Obligation-free quotes
  • Warranty for all products and services

What We Do

Independent Waterproofing offers waterproofing solutions tailored to your balcony. Our external waterproofing systems are designed to increase the lifespan of your balcony and prevent water entry from compromising the structural integrity. 

Our technicians will assess your balcony and offer a cost-effective solution that’s right for your specific needs. 

We perform the following tasks to improve the durability of your balcony in wet conditions:

  • Sealing entry points such as wall and floor joints, drains, balustrades, sheet joints and movement joints.
  • Installing a liquid or sheet waterproofing polyurethane membrane
  • Detailing bond breakers and fillet joints.
  • Creating a water-tight seal with water and stain-resistant penetrative sealant
  • Directing water to an outlet away from the balcony surface 

All of these solutions are offered to you at an affordable fixed cost.
Our waterproofing solutions are quick drying and leave behind no smelly or toxic odours. We also offer a range of classic and contemporary grout colours to match the current features of your property. 

After the treatment is done, your balcony will be ready to use the very next day. 

Flexible Balcony Repair Services

Whether you’re on a budget or want a premium balcony waterproofing service – we have a solution to meet any budget.

Why choose a professional waterproofing service? 

You get peace of mind knowing your property investment will preserve its value. Plus, your building occupants will be safe from slip hazards and suffering a serious fall from structural damage. 

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