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Bathroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing Bathroooms

Waterproofing Bathrooms - Keep Water in the Drain and Save Your Investment

Independent Waterproofing are the local experts in waterproofing bathrooms for all major areas of Sydney.

Each year, the season cycle causes the foundation of a building to shift in many ways. Due to extreme weather and changes in temperature, this shift can slowly increase the gap between tile walls and the floor.

The result? A major problem for your building.

The Risks of Water Damage

Without effectively waterproofing your bathroom, you risk causing serious damage to the property. The most noticeable effects of water damage include:

  • Build-up of mould and mildew
  • Damp carpet areas
  • Paint flaking off the walls
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Loose bathroom tiles

These problems can decrease the value of your property, make the interior space look unappealing… and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Say Goodbye to Leaks

Independent Waterproofing can save your home or business from water damage.

We provide lasting waterproofing for showers, bathtubs and other utilities. Our solutions can be integrated with any new or existing bathroom of any architectural style.

Only quality hybrid polyurethane and acrylic membranes are used to waterproof your bathroom. Each membrane is fitted to match the dimensions of your space ti ensure all gaps and corners are sealed tight.

Whether you’re building a new property or renovating, we work with all relevant members to satisfy the project needs.

As a fully licensed and insured service provider – you get the best results at an affordable price.

  • Highly durable membranes
  • Fitted to AS 3740-2010 Australian Standards
  • Suitable for bathrooms of any architectural style
  • Honest and upfront pricing

Site Preparation

Before we do waterproofing for bathrooms, there are many tasks that need to be done. Our team can assess the area and take care of the following tasks for you:

  • Make sure the surfaces are level, rigid and strong enough to hold tiles
  • Fix or replace any broken areas and allow them to dry
  • Remove all nails, screws and other objects that are sticking out
  • Prepare all timber flooring with tile underlays and secure them according to the Australian Building Code.
  • And any other tasks you need completed!

Why Choose Independent Waterproofing

We are committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers and improving the quality of their lives, homes and place of business. From consultation to the final touches – you get fast, friendly and reliable service from qualified technicians.

  • Free Consultation
    Obligation free site consultation from an experienced technician. Receive a full assessment report and checklist of solutions to waterproof your bathroom.
  • Hassle Free
    Neat and tidy technicians, who work effectively without disturbing the flow of business or your lifestyle. All premises are left cleaner than before we arrived.
  • Lasting Performance
    Our products are designed for lasting performance and installed by qualified technicians who follow the correct procedures to establish maximum water tightness.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    All finished jobs come with a workmanship guarantee and warranty on all produces and materials used. In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied, our team will return to resolve any concerns.

Get a Free Quote

For all enquiries about our services for waterproofing bathrooms, call 0418 161 414 or send your online enquiry to book a free site inspection.

Our team will be glad to answer any questions and provide an effective solution for you.